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Kevin Townson has been performing as a solo classical guitarist since 1985 and as both a classical and flamenco guitarist since 2000.   In addition to performing as a soloist, He performs with his Nuevo Flamenco group known as The Kevin Townson Band.   

The Kevin Townson Group has been performing extensively throughout the North Texas region in either private or public venues for over 20 years.  The groups influence is deeply rooted in the exotic, high-energy sounds of the flamenco “rhumba” style as well as more traditional Latin styles of music such as the Bossa-Nova and the Samba. 

The group predominantly performs original music composed by band leader Kevin Townson.  Their music is a unique collaboration styles including flamenco, jazz and pop elements.  Their influences include The Gipsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert, Antônio Carlos Jobim and Carlos Santana just to mention a few. The group is comfortable in concert, as dance music and background music. 


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"Dreams and imagination are the gateway into our inner being and soul. When we listen to instrumental music there are no words to conform us to a specific concept or notion. This leaves our thoughts to run free and uninhibited. Sounds, either in music or in nature, stimulates our thoughts, desires and aspirations.”

- Kevin Townson